Hazel is one of chris and rachel Baker's three children with their fourth on the way. Hazel is a sweet and affectionate 5 year old who was born with a rare genetic disorder and suffers from epilepsy. Sleep deprivation is a factor in the frequency of her seizures, and she is currently not sleeping through the night because she is able to get out of her bed. To help keep her safe at night, and hopefully reduce the frequency of her seizures her doctors have recommended purchasing a “Cubby Bed.“ this is a smart safety bed for children with special needs which she will be able to utilize for years to come. This will keep her safe and give the rest of the family peace at night. However, this bed comes with a steep price.

As a church we have the opportunity to bless and love on the baker's through praying over hazel and financially contributing to the cost of the cubby bed.  

UPDATE: HAZEL has received all funds needed to get this necessary bed! We thank you church! If you still feel lead to give to the baker family and to hazel you can still do so. 


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